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Plumbing camera endoscope wireless waterproof plumbing sewer inspection camera

Plumbing camera endoscope wireless waterproof plumbing sewer inspection camera
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Plumbing camera endoscope wireless waterproof plumbing sewer inspection camera



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plumbing camera The 3.5" full color LCD screen allows the user to view live video from the lens. The hand held unit is powered by 4-AA batteries. The Video Monitor is powered by rechargeable batteries that are already installed in the unit. They just need to be charged. ( AC adapter is included )
Accessory Mirror allows user to see 90 degrees to axis of the shaft. The Magnet accessory will pick up approx 1/4 lb and a hook is also provided for hard to retrieve items.

Its very easy to use and here is even a few tricks:

* If you see a bright white screen, you probably have the camera lens right up against a reflective surface that is bouncing the LED light back into the camera, creating glare. Just pull the probe back a bit.
* If you are working inside a contained area with little or no ambient light, remember that the Led's are providing the illumination. Moving the camera tip in and out a bit can improve lighting on the object for the best screen display.
* When using the mirror for right angle views, clean the mirror glass carefully with a lint-free cloth. Small specks of dirt and dust and fingerprints degrade the screen image.

Q. Can the monitor be used on and off of the hand held?
A. Yes you can either keep the monitor mounted on the hand held or use it remotely.

Q. How far away can the monitor be used away from the hand held?
A. It really depends on the environment you are trying to use it in. 10ft should be expected however you may realize much greater depending on the strength of the batteries at the time and the RF interference at the location you are using the Wireless Inspection Camera.

Q. Is the unit water proof or can it be used in liquid?
A. The image head and cable are water resistant to a standard of IP 67 weather proof. This means the tip can be up to 1 m of submersion but the monitor and handheld must NOT be submersed in way.

  • plumbing camera endoscope wireless waterproof plumbing sewer inspection camera

  • High resolution remote color camera,* Autofocus (Viewing distance: 2" and up), Resolution 712 x 486 pixels,3.5" full color viewing monitor, 3/4 inch shaft diameter at tip

  • Shaft material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE), Housing material: Nylon, 3 ft standard shaft length ( Additional available in our store ), High output LED illumination, 4 hrs operation on 4 AA batteries

  • Mirror, hook and magnet accessories included, Video out for optional recording, Video out port: Mini jack - NTSC signal, Light source: (2) white LED's in tip, Power: (4) AA batteries for hand held and rechargeable (Included) for Monitor,Battery life: approximately 4 hours

  • Kit includes: * Hand Held * Display Monitor with built in rechargable battery * 3ft Shaft * AC Adapater * Operating * structions * Clip on 90 deg mirror * Clip on Magnet * Clip on Hook * USB Cable * Video Output Cable

Product Details:
Product Weight: 1.0 pounds
Package Length: 15.9 inches
Package Width: 12.4 inches
Package Height: 4.5 inches
Package Weight: 4.95 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 31 reviews

Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 31 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

43 of 44 found the following review helpful:

5Packed with options for a good price  Aug 20, 2010
By peffer
I purchased this on a wing and a prayer after evaluating a few of the borescopes available out there. It was packed with options, but in a no-name brand and with no reviews. I recently bought an older house and after two months of constant surprises when doing minor repairs, I decided I needed a borescope to save me some headaches.

I find this camera to be great! Huge screen with nice resolution. Good visibility. I bought the extension as well as I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to find it again if I needed it a year or two down the line.

The wireless monitor option is nice as you don't have to stick your nose into some scary corner to view the image as you would on a fixed mount camera. The video recording feature is a nice addition, even if I'm not really sure how useful it will be. I videotaped some plumbing issues in a wall and tried to share these with someone who could provide an opinion and he was intrigues, but couldn't really help diagnose the problem without coming over to see the problems for himself. Pulling the images off the system and onto a computer was simple as it's a removable SD card.

In terms of the borescope extension... it's fairly rigid and as such you need to have a realistic expectation of the hole you will need to drill to successfully navigate this in a wall or opening. You need to think "doorknob hole bit" not 5/16" hole. There are highly flexible cameras out there that don't require such a large hole, but they won't look "up" a wall, only "down" (gravity... it's the law...). With the appropriate size hole you can have full access without constantly widening the hole and creating a drywall "situation". I find that if I pull a doorknob hole with a round doornknob bit, and save the plug, I can easily put the plug back in using some joint compound as "glue" for the plug and putting a wall patch over that.

Only downside I see to this is that the camera head is plastic... some of the competitors have moved away from a plastic head housing to an aluminum one. We'll see if this causes a durability problem. I don't cram the camera head with force into plubming traps or through any resistance for that reason.

22 of 22 found the following review helpful:

5Worth every penny!  Dec 23, 2010
By Mike G.
I only write reviews when I feel compelled to. That's why all of my reviews are either 1 star or 5 stars. I was worried about the quality of this device because of the price; however, I think this thing is worth every penny. I've used it many times and after a little practice it's a piece of cake. Why practice you ask? Because the scope arm is stiff, it holds its position. I stuck the camera in my wall only to find out the builder threw a bunch of garbage in there. I had to navigate through debris (2x4s, drywall pieces, and such) to get to the pipe I wanted to see. Without this tool I would have had to cut two big holes in the wall...instead, I cut a 1 inch hole.
1) great light that works well
2) great image on screen. I was looking for mold in a wall full of debris and could easily discern the difference between cobwebs, stains, glue, heck I could even read the tiny print off the cigarette butts in there, apparently the construction workers that built my house smoked Marlboros...
1) Uses up batteries pretty quick.
2) Need to wiggle it from time to time because the screen comes loose.
However, the Pros far outweigh the Cons!

25 of 28 found the following review helpful:

5Excellent little camera  Aug 19, 2010
By Long-time Customer
Works great and is easy to set-up. I used it for inspecting travel trailer air-conditioner ducting for mice sign; and I found their entrance. The one thing to be aware of is the image is upside down when mounted on the "gun" and if you turn the gun the image stays upside down as the camera rotates. But, the monitor is also wireless and easily detachable, so just turn it around. The image is auto focus and very sharp and clear; HD it seems. The flexible camera snake is stiff, which is good for running it into walls or ducts, but is also flexible and can go around corners with some help; one can bend the tip to the side to inspect an area, or use the included tip-mounted mirror. The mirror works but the image is not a clear as without the mirror. The device also comes with a magnet, and a wire retreiver for pulling wires. I recommend getting the extension and the nice case has a space for it. The camera is only in the tip, so the snake and extension are keyed and wired to fit together; it is not fiber-optic. It is very handy and anyone can use it. I highly recommend it for inspection of any hidden problem.

13 of 13 found the following review helpful:

5Not perfect, but for the price... you cannot really go wrong  Mar 04, 2011
By JonMM
While its not perfect, overall (and taking into consideration the price), its very good. I am giving it five stars since compared to other inspection camera's in this price range this is a fantastic deal. The overall quality of the system is pretty solid (the only gripe I really have is the connection between the handle and the wireless monitor and he plastic shield used on the camera end). Even though the monitor is wireless do not expect to go more than 3-5 feet away from the camera handle grip, it will start to cut out (not an issue at all, really). The picture is clear and the camera's focal distance is good as well (you can adjust the brightness of the led lights on the camera as well). While I have only had a short time to use it, so far it has worked very well and I am quite impressed with it overall. Just because it does not say RIGID or DeWALT does not mean you should not consider it, actually for the price nothing else compares to this in features or quality.

10 of 11 found the following review helpful:

2Review  Jul 28, 2011
By Songbreeze
I received the item quickly. It was shipped from Hong Kong and has a 220v European style plug on the adapter. It would have been nice if this had been noted in the product page on Amazon. Luckily, we have adapters to US plugs since we were stationed in Europe with the military.

The light on the camera works, but we cannot check on the camera itself because the screen will not come on. I have charged the unit for 24hrs and the charging light went off. Still no screen. I have sent an email to the seller from the Amazon site. We will see.

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