Wansview Wireless IP Pan/Tilt/ Night Vision/ Internet Surveillance Camera Built-in Microphone With Phone remote monitoring support
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Wansview Wireless IP Pan/Tilt/ Night Vision/ Internet Surveillance Camera Built-in Microphone With Phone remote monitoring support



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Image Compression Format: M-JPEG standard
Image Resolution: VGA(640x480) / QVGA(320x240)
Sensor: 1/4 inch CMOS, 300,000 Pixels
Light frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz or Outdoor
Audio compression: ADPCM
Lens: f: 3.6mm, F:2.4 (IR Lens)
Data rate: 802.11b: 11Mbps (Max.), 802.11g: 54Mbps (Max.)
Ethernet: One 10/100Mbps RJ-45
Viewing angle: 67º
Horizontal Rotating Angle: 0~270º
Vertical Rotating Angle: 0~120º
Alarm Mode: motion detection alarm and I/O alarm
Video Display: Microsoft Media Player
Image Transfer Velocity: 30fps @ VGA
Image Display: single / quad
Minimum Illumination: 0LUX
Video Format: AVI
Network Interface: Wi-Fi/RJ-45 10-100 Base T
Network Protocol: TCP/IP, FTP,SMPT, HTTP, ICMP, PPPoE
Monitor Mode: Firefox
Software Upgrade: Automatic upgrade
Security: User management system, password protection
Password Setting: administer, monitor, scrutiny
Working Condition: -10ºC~ 50ºC , 20% - 80%PH
Power Adapter: DC5V/2A 50/60Hz
Operating System: Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows 7 and Apple MAC
Package includes:
1 x IP Camera
1 x Antenna
1 x Base
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Network Cable
1 x CD Driver


Works under both Apple MAC and Safari. However, browser must be run under Firefox. To choose your browser, please enter into the IP camera home page and select Firefox

  • The installation of network cameras is very simple, only power and networks connection are needed.

  • Scope of applications: apply to home, offices, enterprises, supermarkets, schools and other public places.

  • Supporting multiple protocols: Embedded operation system supports the TCP / IP, SMTP (simple mail protocol), HTTP, UPNP, etc.

  • Alarm Monitoring: Through external alarm device, the alarm information can be sent to your e-box or your mobile phone.

  • By setting USER and PASSWORD of the system, user can protect the individual privacy easily

Product Details:
Product Length: 4.72 inches
Product Width: 4.72 inches
Product Height: 5.12 inches
Product Weight: 1.6 pounds
Package Length: 8.4 inches
Package Width: 5.6 inches
Package Height: 5.3 inches
Package Weight: 1.35 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 200 reviews

Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 200 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

60 of 62 found the following review helpful:

5Awesome camera!  Oct 26, 2010
By Kevin J. Lang "Hard Nose Jerk"
- Decent pivoting on camera (very decent range of movement)
- sharp picture (though you have to focus manually on the camera)
- pretty easy to setup if you are technically inclined
- lots of features like motion detection with emailing and ftp, video recording, etc.
- Night vision works perfectly; integrated controls for 4 cameras.

- You do need to be technically savvy to set this up. There is very little documentation on how to do this. But it is very obvious how to do it if you are in the field. There is no GUI wizard to help set this up.
- No zoom
- When camera is using night vision you see a ring of red dots around the lens. So hiding can be a challenge.
- No SSL or encryption options. The web controls for this thing runs on HTTP. So capturing packets and seeing your passwords is very easy. So security is kind of an issue.
- I'm not sure about any support (Hardware, software, replacements, etc) because I haven't had to use it. But looking at this I have no idea who I would contact.
- Firmware updates - There is no option for the camera to go out and discover firmware updates. So you have to search for them your self.
- For some reason I needed to factory reset the camera to start using it when I received it. Not too much of a con but it made me think that this was refurbished or something.

Honestly, this camera being around $99 and having all the features that it does is pretty awesome. Other cameras with only half of option this has costs about $250-300ish. This camera looks like something that someone created, sold to a bunch of other companies (who just stamp their name on the front), and they are the ones who provide support for it. So you can get updates from them even if you didn't buy the camera from them.

For the money it's a great camera. It's not perfect but I'm certainly not going to spend $300 on one like this.

35 of 37 found the following review helpful:

4Wansview NC541/W  Mar 29, 2011
By CP44
I ordered 2 of the "Wireless IP Pan/Tilt/ Night Vision/ Internet Surveillance Camera Built-in Microphone With Phone remote monitoring support" cameras from ATC LLC and received 2 "Wansview NC541/W" IP cameras. They were as they appeared in the pictures, and featured internal web servers with configuration options and settings that seem to be shared by similar IP cameras. The box and web-based control interface did not match the pictures, but were fine. The motion detection seemed a little weak; would recommend "MJPEG Surveillance 2.0" at 12oClocker.com to handle motion detection and recording, but the actual camera features are fine - if a little hard to find. The cameras I received support up to 8 users with different passwords and 3 access ranks (view-only "Visitor", pitch/pan "Operator", full "Administrator"), changing the HTTP server port, static and dynamic IPs, wireless with security off or on (WEP, WPA-TKIP, WPA-AES, WPA2-TKIP, WPA-AES), and turning off the blinking status light. There are also different viewer and control pages for Internet Explorer (ActiveX), FireFox and other supporting ServerPush, and mobile viewers. The IE/ActiveX web page and the included IPCMonitor software (also downloadable from Wansview) support listening to the camera's microphone and talking through speakers plugged into the camera's Audio jack.

The colors do not seem to be quite right, even after adjusting brightness and contrast. There is no zoom function, but the outer lens is manually adjustable for focusing (twist the ring). It is possible to unscrew the focus ring/tube until it falls out - I say normal users should avoid doing that. (I did it to add a black ring to block the infrared LEDs - long story). The IR LEDs do not seem to have a "disable" function and are controlled by ambient light on a photocell.

I would highly recommend this camera if you can get this exact model. A problem with having the brand name unlisted is that stocking companies may consider similar/rebranded cameras all interchangeable. My research leads me to believe that their design and web server software are mostly the same, with each company changing as much as they want to and re-marketing the product. If you can find out how to contact me, I can try to answer more questions.

20 of 21 found the following review helpful:

1Great Camera, BUT Camera Calls Home to “Check-In”  Mar 04, 2013
Image was Good for price point, PTZ worked well and so did software setup.

A MAJOR Issue for me and why I refuse to use this camera is that the Camera reports back to the Manufacture’s server in China and registers your IP address and the Camera. This is done as a "convenience" so you can go to an address and watch your Camera from anywhere in the world but if you ask me it has the opportunity to become a huge invasion of privacy. I do not want some company in China to be able to PTZ (and listen BTW) around my house. Thinking there has to be a way to disable this I took the Camera to the IT department at work. They confirmed the feature is not able to be disabled but the viewing of the Camera image can be password protected. I have no confidence that the manufacture can’t just bypass this since the camera frequently “calls home”. Frankly I’m surprised something like this is sold in the USA.

13 of 13 found the following review helpful:

4Good camera  Aug 17, 2011
By Potion09 "potion"
Camera is decent for the price. Setup is a little confuse with included manual but after reading it carefully it should be no brainer.

Here is step how to setup your IP camera:

1. Plug camera to your router with network cable included (DO NOT USE WIFI for initial setup).
2. Factory setting for this IP camera is static and they set it as So if your router IP look like this 192.168.1.xxx (usually linksys) it will not pickup the camera on the software included cd or web browser. So this mean you need to change your router ip to 192.168.0.x subnet (if you don't know how call the router manufacture tech support or google it).
3. Once your router is set to the above ip (192.168.0.x) and the ip cam is connected, open your browser and type in it should pop up with a username / password screen, here what you will type in for username: admin / password: 123456 after successfully log on changes whatever needed IP to your existing subnet.
4. To view it from WAN side meaning from work, iphone bla..bla.....you need to create a free account with (dyndns dot org) or use the camera factory provided.
5. If you use factory dyndns skip this part. Once DYNDNS is setup go in to Network tab in camera setting and put in your info Host name: xxx.dyndns(dot)org and put in the port default is 80.
6. Now log in to your router and find PORT FORWARDING option, should be burried in one of the tab menu. Type in the camera ip this case it is ( for mine which is factory default and where it read TCP/IP put in 80 for port and make sure you check the box next on the menu of your router or click on apply to save all changes before closing them.

Now take a coffee break after all the hard work you just did and give dyndns few minutes to register your IP with internet DNS. To access your WAN view just open up your browser I suggest Mozzila firefox brower and type in xxx.dyndns(dot)org and that it you're done.

For Iphone apps they recommended LIVE CAMS.

28 of 32 found the following review helpful:

5Amazing Review. Technical Experience needed but amazing camera.  Jun 09, 2011
By L. Hunter "Candyland"
The camera itself is very good, it has a 15-20 foot IR range, with a maximum of 640x480 broadcast size. I've tested it with both sunlight, artificial light, and nighttime and the camera adjusts very well for all settings, and tweaking the brightness can hep a lot. The controls are very smoth and the speed it adjustable, it can move as quick as ~270° in 3 seconds or set to fine control that operates it in very small and accurate adjustments. The is no freedom of play in the parts, and the motors are very smooth and precise.
Got mine set up in 30 minutes (Opening box, setup, mounting) and I'm now about to order a second shipment of 2. These are perfect and high quality cameras for the low-budget surveillance needs, as they can be up to (I believe) 16 cameras in synch. They have their own customizable IP configurations or has auto select options, and upnp.

Very good, quality product and amazing price. 5/5

Accurate and smooth PT mechanism.
Very good camera and IR.
RJ-45 Network interface for direct network attachment
Free Multi-camera software included.
Cameras are compatible with more then 1 in the same network.
At night the IR LED's look like GLADoS' cameras with a luminesent red glow around the lens.
Camera controls are moderately hard to set up but most could accomplish it.
Documentation is included (on a micro-cd)
Camera has embeded alarm hookups (4 pin)
Camera has external port for external speaker
Once you have it setup, viewing from inside your LAN/WAN and over the Internet is very easy

The cons:
You have to know how to do basic port forwarding on your router to get the wifi working.
Initially using the RJ-45 and included disc you can use it instantly and use (through the camera control's) to setup your wireless.
Wireless WEP/WEP2 Mixed Wifi Password types were not compatable (However a quick switch to WEP2 Personal fixed this).
The audio controls are touchy at best and I could not get it to work properly. Not a big deal.
Camera is Black and White. Amazing, but B&W.
No cake is included with purchase.

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